The first thing that would come to your mind while reading the title, would be a clock or a watch and the numbers on it. Have you ever wondered how these numbers and figures came to be? […]

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Energy plays a vital role in almost all spheres of development and progress such as communication, transport, healthcare, food and agriculture. The socio-economic progress of any country is based on its industrial and agricultural activities which in turn are heavily dependent on energy resources. […]

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School can sometimes be too stressful for us. We are tested constantly, we have to memorise facts and some of us try to memorise study material one night before tests. At times, as teachers we feel overwhelmed too while dealing with kids that struggle to memorise things. We do not know how to best help the kids in our classroom.  Tests after tests it feels like when is this cramming of facts going to stop. […]

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Raghu made and sold baskets for a living. He was all alone in the world except for his old cow and a rabbit. Raghu was also growing old and weak and he could not make as many baskets as he once could. So his earnings had dropped and they were living poorly.


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