We are all familiar with cinnamon as a spice. It is used to flavour soups, salads, curries and desserts. Made from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree, it is scientifically called Cinnamomum. In Ancient Egypt, this spice was much treasured and treated as a gift fit only for kings. Like many other spices, cinnamon comes with its share of health benefits. This is mainly owing to the presence of cinnamaldehyde in it. Ten health benefits of cinnamon are listed here- […]

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Mallakhamba or mallakhamb is like a cross between gymnastics and yoga postures, performed with vertical or hanging wooden pole, or rope. The name of this sport is derived from the words ‘malla’, which means ‘wrestler’ and ‘khamb’, which means ‘pole’, as the pole was typically used by wrestlers as a training tool to improve their flexibility, strength and agility. […]

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A popular mealtime preparation in Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern Uttar Pradesh, litti chokha refers to dough balls made from whole wheat flour that are stuffed with roasted chickpea flour (mixed with spices) and then baked over open fire, and then served with pickles, yoghurt, vegetable gravy or chicken curry. The baked wheat balls are known as ‘litti’, which ‘chokha’ is a vegetarian preparation made from roasted eggplant, tomato and potato, but the full name has stuck to the dish nonetheless. In recent times, due to the lack of open fires, the litti is often as well. […]

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