All spiritual traditions emphasises the study of specific scriptures. In thus section, you can listen to and learn select verses from different spiritual systems.


India’s gift to the world – Yoga is one of the best ways to keep the body healthy and the mind alert. Here are some simple asana sequences for you to try.


A rhinoceros who lived by the lake was very possessive of his surroundings. He shooed away any creatures who dared step into his territory, threatening them with his great horn. […]


The Puff Throated Babbler is found in scrub and moist forest mainly in hilly regions. They forage in small groups on the forest floor, turning around leaf litter to find their prey and usually staying low in the undergrowth where they can be hard to spot. They however have loud and distinct calls, including a morning song, contact and alarm calls. They can often be seen creeping through undergrowth in search of their insect food. […]

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