When we hear the words ‘Grand Canyon’ we automatically think of Arizona, USA, and the spectacular canyon there. Few people know that we have a smaller, but still very impressive version of USA’s Grand Canyon right here in India. It’s called the Gandikota Canyon. You’ll find it in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadappa District. […]


The word Kathakali is a combination of two words – katha, meaning story, and kali, meaning performance. So it means a story which is performed. It is one of the classical dance forms of India, and comes from the State of Kerala. […]


Many Indian women wear rings on their toes. They are traditionally a symbol of marriage. In many communities, the bridegroom slips rings onto the toes of his bride during the wedding ceremony. […]


An ant, searching for food in a forest, felt thirsty. He bent down to drink water from a river. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew him into the water. The helpless ant struggled to climb up to the bank. Every time he tried, he fell right back into the water. […]


I firmly believe that dogs and children are a wonderful combination. A pet dog teaches your kids to love animals, care for them and lose their fear of dogs. They learn compassion and responsibility. And also grow up with a companion who showers them with unconditional love. […]


I was all excited when Lalitha Akka invited me for dinner, as she has the most amazing reputation for creating a feast for the eyes, mind and the palate. […]


A lion terrorized and attacked a group of animals every day leaving many injured and killed. The animals worried about their dwindling numbers, held a meeting and approached the lion. They spoke to him of a plan.
“Oh, mighty lion,” said a samba deer, “Please do not attack us. We will come to you one at a time every day. This way you will never go hungry.”
“Alright. I agree to your plan. But remember, if no animal comes, I will kill all of you.” […]


There was a farmer named Gopal in the village of Harpanahalli. He was very hard working. He did not while away time in idle chatter. He avoided going out with friends and wasting time roaming around the village. All his friends made fun of him. […]


Gandhiji made the spinning wheel and Khadi famous. Even today, when we think of Gandhiji, the image of him sitting in front of the spinning wheel with is his legs folded under him, one hand on the wheel and one hand twirling the thread, comes to mind. Gandhiji also used the spinning wheel as a symbol of the Indian Independence Movement and included it on the Flag of India. […]


With so many things happening in our lives, good and bad both. And with so many challenges being thrown at us at various points in our lives, it’s not always easy to keep a control over one’s self. Especially keeping a control over our emotions and of course our minds. The Bhagavad-Gita puts a great emphasis on the control of the mind. The mind is likened to the sixth sense, and is described as fickle and unstable in nature. […]


Panchavati is a very important place in the Ramayana. It was the place chosen by Lord Rama to stay during his exile from Ayodhya. It was a beautiful place. It got its name from five banyan trees growing there, which are known as ‘vati’ in the local language. Panch Vati means five banyan trees. The River Godavari flowed nearby. Events that happened there led up to Lord Rama’s war with the forces of Ravana, king of Lanka. […]


The Golden Temple complex in Amritsar, Punjab, also known as Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib, is considered the most sacred place by followers of the Sikh religion. The temple itself is only part of the huge complex, which includes a man-made lake, a very important part of the complex. It is known as Amrit Sarovar, or the Lake of Holy Nectar. Amritsar takes its name from the lake. Devotees come from all over the world to have a dip in the Sarovar. […]