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January 2019


“Do not allow your fire to go out, spark by irreplaceable spark. The world you desire can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible. IT IS YOURS.” – Ayn Rand.

The new year always looks promising for each one of us. Many new year resolutions are made in January which are forgotten as the year progresses. The above quote by Ayn Rand strikes a cordial note in our minds. It reiterates to us that we should always let the spark within be ignited by our thoughts, words and ideas…sure enough we will be able to achieve anything and everything we desire for. Let us march ahead this year with this deep thought churning within. Yes, and Lo! we will be surprised to see where we reach!!!

I remember a very thought-provoking story which I want to share here:

In the parlor of an old farmhouse there was an antique grandfather clock which for more than a hundred and fifty years had never ceased ticking faithfully. Every morning at day break when the farmer came down, the first thing he would do was to visit the clock to make sure that it was right. One morning it so happened that as he went into the parlor the clock began to speak, “For more than a century and a half, I have been working without a stop and perfectly. Now I am tired; don’t I deserve to take rest and stop ticking.”

To this the shrewd farmer replied, “Your complaint is unjustified, my good clock for you are forgetting that between each tick you have a second’s rest.”

After a moment’s thought, the clock began to work again as usual.

My dear children, what does this story show? That in orderly work fatigue and rest balance each other and when we are regular, it avoids much pain and effort. At first it may take some pains to acquire order. But nothing can be learnt without an effort. When we first learnt to walk, we stumbled, we fell, we bumped and we CRIED. But now we are able to walk without giving a thought and run skillfully too. Success comes little by little…through Consistent Directed Self-Motivated Intelligent Effort.

Gradually with effort over a period of time we are able to do things in an orderly way which increases the power in each thing. Being orderly, regular and punctual will never prevent us from being happy and smiling. In fact, happiness is a CHOICE we execute and a state we choose to be in…irrespective of the circumstance.

A small child who carefully chooses his task makes a useful contribution to the order of his home, his school and of his own world within the greater world.

The above story aligns itself to the quote of Ayn Rand “Do not allow your fire to go out…” This can happen only when regularity and consistency become an integral part of us.

“The world is waiting to experience a new YOU, go and live your potential; show to the world what you are made of – Muscle of iron, nerve of steel and a mind like thunderbolt.”


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