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‘Practice makes one perfect’ is probably one line that we hear often, at many points in our lives. Be it as a baby attempting to roll for the first time or as a toddler who is trying to take those precious first steps or as a child trying to get balance on a two-wheeler after repeated failed attempts. ‘Practice makes one perfect’ is one line that is repeatedly used by every parent for their children and by every teacher for their students. […]

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With so many things happening in our lives on an everyday basis, it might not only be difficult, but almost impossible to keep a control on everything.  And when situations aren’t favorable, it is always better to look at the positives than cry over it unnecessarily. As the famous Hindi proverb goes, “ab pachtaye hoth kya, jab chidiya chug gayi khet,” literally meaning, what is the point of crying, when the birds ate all the farm. Or in other words, why cry over something when the damage is already done or why cry over something that has already happened. […]

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A beautiful doll with lovely long hair, a super cool toy car, a bicycle etc might just be few of the many things that attract you instantly, so much so that you might not even think twice before demanding the same from your parents, or worse even fight with them for the same. More often than not we tend to get so attracted to the outer look of things, that we ignore everything else surrounding it. Now, is that right? Well, definitely NOT. […]

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