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What is the first thing you reach out for in the Geometry period? My guess is, the ruler! This instrument makes calculations easier and solving sums speedier. Have you ever wondered since when this wonderful tool been around? You will be surprised to know that the answer to that question is since 2400 BCE! And where was it discovered? In our very own Indus Valley! […]

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When asked to name a favourite board game, the one that instantly springs to mind is Chess. This popular board game has been ruling the roost for nearly 1500 years and do you know where it originated from? Our very own India!

Chess started out as Chaturanga and was developed in the Gupta dynasty as early as the 6th century AD. It was designed as a strategy game and went on to initiate the board games of chess, sittuyin, xiangqi, makruk and janggi. […]

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Every day when you button up your school uniform, do you wonder how buttons came into existence? Who first thought about this simple yet handy way to hold clothes together? […]

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Every time we get into our car, what is the entertainment we reach out for? The radio. With umpteen number of channels to choose from, a long and tedious drive becomes shorter and a stressful day turns relaxing. […]

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