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Black pepper is known as the king of spices and with good reason. When added to a recipe, this unassuming ingredient not just enhances the taste of the dish, it also provides a host of health benefits. A fruit of the black pepper plant belonging to the Piperaceae family, black pepper is used as both, spice and medicine. The best feature of black pepper is that it grows through the year. So you can use it freshly the year-round. Grind a few peppercorns into your salads, sprinkle them over your curries or add them to your tea. Use them in your diet every day and reap the following health benefits- […]

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One spice that has always been part of our grandma’s kitchen is carom seed or ajwain. Our grandmas cured every digestive problem or abdominal discomfort with concoctions made from ajwain. Called Ugragandha in Sanskrit, ajwain seeds are produced by a herb plant that originated in India. […]

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Summer time is here and so are the holidays!  And every hour should be spent in enjoyment, isn’t it? This is the time for lazy mornings, games, milk shakes and ice creams. And absolutely no time to waste by falling sick or tired. Right? To ensure health filled holidays you need not go far. Just step into your kitchens! […]

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