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This game of hopscotch is also known as Nondi in Tamil Nadu, Tokkudu Billa or Tangidi Billa in Andhra Pradesh and Kunte Bille in Karnataka. While no one knows of its exact origin, it is believed to have existed in early centuries, and is said to have been mentioned in ancient Tamil literature.

The game needs only a relatively even surface, and a flat stone. It can technically be played by one person alone, but is more fun when played in a group. […]

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Kho-Kho, a popular traditional sport of India, is based on the format of running and catching. The game is said to have originated in Maharashtra. In ancient times, the game was played on ‘raths’ or chariots, and was thus also known as Rathera. […]

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Known as pallanguzhi in Tamil, ali guli mane in Kannada, vamana guntalu in Telugu and kuzhipara in Malayalam – this ancient South Indian game is played by two people at one time. They sit on either side of a wooden board that has 14 pits (2 rows and 7 columns) and play with shells, tamarind seeds or small pebbles. […]

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