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Satyagraha can be described as a ‘weapon’ developed by Mahatma Gandhi to fight unfair laws introduced by the British for people of India and other places. It is not a weapon like a gun or a knife, but a force used to correct something wrong without causing any harm. India won Independence from British rule using this idea. […]

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Kailash Sharma was no ordinary child. He once noticed a little boy, the son of a cobbler, sitting with his father outside his school compound. He asked his teacher, the Headmaster, and even the cobbler himself, why the child wasn’t in school. He was told that the cobbler couldn’t afford the school fees, and that some children are ‘born to work.’ Young Kailash was not satisfied with these answers. […]

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Many of you may be familiar with Amul – its milk, butter and cheese are consumed by most people in India. You may also know the ‘Amul girl’, who comes in all their advertisements, and is recognized by her polka-dot dress and ponytail. […]

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