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Black pepper, now commonly used as a seasoning around the world, originated in India – it was grown primarily in the Malabar coast or present-day Kerala. It was used in Indian cooking as early as 2000 BC, and spread from India to Southeast Asia. The spice, which imparted a great deal of flavor even when used minimally, was seen as a valuable spice by the ancient European traders, and was referred to as ‘black gold’. Following this, in the Dutch language, ‘pepper expensive’ (peperduur) is an expression for something very expensive. It was in search of trade in this spice that Vasco de Gama even led an expedition to India. […]

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If you are a comic buff (especially Marvel), you would know of Cain Marko or the ‘Juggernaut’. The gigantic man with superhuman strength, who is unstoppable once he starts to run, and can smash mountains and skyscrapers with ease.

The character’s name is derived from an English word – Juggernaut – which is used to describe something or someone who is powerful and dominant. […]

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When you wash your hair, what do you use? Shampoo, of course. Many of the shampoo brands available today are made by companies based abroad, but did you know that the word ‘shampoo’ was derived from Hindi? […]

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Printing using natural vegetable dyes has caught the fancy of people across the world. But, one of the oldest traditions of creating intricate designs using vegetable dyes is India’s very own kalamkari. […]

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