The Indian general election of 1951–52, held from 25 October 1951 to 21 February 1952, was the first election to the Lok Sabha after India became independent on August 15, 1947. 1849 candidates competed for 489 seats in the Lok Sabha, and more than 173 million people (out of a population of about 360 million) were eligible to vote – which made it the largest election conducted at the time. Voter turnout stood at 45.7 per cent. […]


Kodinhi, a village in the Malappuram district in Kerala, has the unusual reputation of having the most number of twins in the country. It is estimated that there are at least 400 pairs of twins in a population of 2,000 families. The national average of twin births is not more than 9 in 1,000 births – in Kodinhi, it is around 45 in 1,000 births. […]


According to the 2011 census, Sikkim is the least populated state in the country. Sikkim is famous for its historical temples and beautiful views. The state sees a lot of tourists every year. The population of the state is just 6,07,688 and the state is spread over an area of 7096 square kilometres. 75% of the people live in rural areas and the remaining 25% people live in urban areas of the state. […]


Literacy rate in India has always been quite uneven, with different States and Union Territories having their own literacy rates. Kerala is the only state that has constantly been credited to being called the most literate state in India. According to Census 2011, Kerala has the highest total literacy rate and the highest female literacy rate as well. […]


Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation or IRCTC as it is popularly referred as, is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways that handles catering tourism and online ticketing operations of the Indian Railways, with around 5 to 6 lakhs bookings everyday is the world’s second busiest. Its tagline being “Lifeline of the Nation”. […]


We are all familiar with cinnamon as a spice. It is used to flavour soups, salads, curries and desserts. Made from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree, it is scientifically called Cinnamomum. In Ancient Egypt, this spice was much treasured and treated as a gift fit only for kings. Like many other spices, cinnamon comes with its share of health benefits. This is mainly owing to the presence of cinnamaldehyde in it. Ten health benefits of cinnamon are listed here- […]


Mallakhamba or mallakhamb is like a cross between gymnastics and yoga postures, performed with vertical or hanging wooden pole, or rope. The name of this sport is derived from the words ‘malla’, which means ‘wrestler’ and ‘khamb’, which means ‘pole’, as the pole was typically used by wrestlers as a training tool to improve their flexibility, strength and agility. […]


A popular mealtime preparation in Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern Uttar Pradesh, litti chokha refers to dough balls made from whole wheat flour that are stuffed with roasted chickpea flour (mixed with spices) and then baked over open fire, and then served with pickles, yoghurt, vegetable gravy or chicken curry. The baked wheat balls are known as ‘litti’, which ‘chokha’ is a vegetarian preparation made from roasted eggplant, tomato and potato, but the full name has stuck to the dish nonetheless. In recent times, due to the lack of open fires, the litti is often as well. […]


Fibonacci numbers in mathematics, are the numbers making up a series of numbers called the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence is characterized by the fact that every number after the first two, is the sum of the two preceding ones. […]


Fortune or luck, as many of us commonly believe comes to one by chance. That chance is what we always wish and pray for. Well, it is wise to believe in fortune, but it is only foolishness if you wait for it to knock your doors while you are sitting idle, shying away from facing the world outside. […]


Christmas was around the corner, Crystal and Natalie excitedly ran to up to their mother who was busy starting her preparations for the festival. The two sisters were pretty young, but would always show interest in helping their mother with things in whatever little way they could. “Mom, we really want to help you with all the Christmas preparations, please tell us what to do?”, requested the two girls to their mother. Mom told the two sisters that she would want them to help her with all the cleaning and decorations, but only after their school closes for Christmas. […]


Once in a small village in Kancheepuram lived two best friends, Ramu and Sanju. Both Ramu and Sanju were farmers. The two had their own piece of land where they did farming. Both their farms were close to each other. They both spent almost all day together working in their respective farms and also had lunch together daily. The two had been friends since very long. One thing that was common in the two was probably the fact that both of them were very religious and god fearing. There was a small temple in the village, where the two would always pay a visit every morning before getting to their jobs. This was a part of their daily routine. […]


Once, the sun and the wind got into a fiery argument. The sun said that he was the stronger of the two. The wind vehemently disagreed and proclaimed himself stronger. As the heated argument continued, they noticed a man with a coat walking on a road. […]

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